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Creating Memorable

Keepsakes for You

A one-of-a-kind keepsake boutique, Past, Present & Forever in Bellevue, Nebraska offers breast milk jewelry, cremains pieces, and other personalized accessories for those who want to preserve their memories.

Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast Milk Jewelry and Keepsakes

Welcome to my keepsake boutique’s website. Here at Past, Present & Forever in Bellevue, Nebraska, I have worked tirelessly since 2020 to learn to perfect the preservation of breast milk for personalized accessories.


I will take your breast milk (2oz. will be needed) and preserve it very carefully,. Once it is perfectly preserved, I will make it into a powder that will be added to epoxy to create your piece of jewelry or keepsake.

 I can also make keepsakes with cremains, and I will need at least a tablespoon. I can use dried flowers, dried placenta, and most things that are dried basically. In most cases, I will need to grind the pieces smaller to fit into jewelry.


Each piece is custom-made just for you! I can add colors, glitters, and opalescent flakes or just to leave it in its natural color.

 Please message me to add inclusions and which inclusions you’re wanting & for any questions, comments, or concerns. 

I offer affordable settings for your treasured piece. All of my rings, pendants and earrings are made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia unless otherwise stated. With proper care your settings will last a lifetime. If you prefer a 14k gold piece please send a message and I can see if the setting requested is offered in Gold.

I love to try new things, to be creative.
If you do not see what you are looking for, give me an idea and I’ will run with it.

My ultimate goal is to create a lasting

memory for you that is beautiful and unique.

Customer Testimonials

Breast Milk Jewelry


Mission Statement

My mission is to help mommas have a wonderful experience. Through my craft, I help them have a precious memory they can look at and hold to remember their nursing journey, their loved ones, and/or their babies that were gone too soon; for years to come. I hope to leave a loving lasting impression on all the families that have purchased from my store.

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