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Please message as to which inclusions your wanting in your stone.

Breast Milk…1-2oz.

**Hair.. about 20 1-2" strands will be needed

**Placenta already processed in a capsule…1 capsule needed

**Cremains..1tablespoon for a stone..larger piece will require more.

All unused ashes will be returned with your setting or keepsake.

**Umbilical cord..a small piece that will be ground 

    fo​r your setting.

**Whitener for your stone..breast milk come in many                   different colors, if you’re

   wanting a whiter stone vs. yellow stone whitener      will need to be requested.

**Shimmer…a very fine glitter

**White shimmer mica powder…gives stone an opalescent look

**Opal flakes

**Rose Gold flakes

**Gold Flakes

**Silver Flakes

**Blue Flakes

**Pink Flakes


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