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    Offering Breast Milk Jewelry, Cremains Pieces, and 

Other Keepsakes

Past, Present & Forever in Bellevue, Nebraska is an online keepsake boutique offering a variety of personalized pieces, such as breast milk jewelry and cremains pieces. View my store now, or contact if you have any request.

Breast milk Jewelry
Breast milk Jewelry

Ordering Requirements

For cremains, depending on the piece ordered, I will need at least one tablespoon put in a baggie that is closed and taped. Then put another baggie labeled with the client’s name and order number. Cremains need to be shipped through the USPS and labeled “cremains” on the box.


For the breast milk, please ship it 2oz. thawed in a sealed bag and double bagged and taped with the client’s and their baby’s name on the put the outer baggie. Put those bags in a diaper and mail in a USPS small flat rate box. This will ensure safe shipping. I ask for 2oz. just incase there is leakage.

You may send any other inclusions in a separate bag in the same box.

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your inclusions.

The process of preserving and drying from the start to the final product typically takes 8 to 12 weeks. Once a purchase is made, there WILL NOT BE a chance to cancel, and I do not offer refunds. I will, however, remake an item if there was a mistake made.
With that said, I have never been asked for a refund

Shop at My Keepsake Boutique

Are you looking to preserve memories of your breastfeeding journey? Perhaps you want to have a tangible keepsake of a loved one gone too soon. Past, Present & Forever in Bellevue, Nebraska offers customized pieces, such as breast milk jewelry, cremains pieces, and other accessories. My goal is to create a unique piece for you that brings you happiness and puts a smile on your face each time you look at it. Browse through my store to see what I offer, or feel free to message me if you have a specific request.

Cremains jewelry and keepsakes

Inclusion flakes and shimmer

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